Freed by the Alpha

Freed by the Alpha

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tú By Venerea_ Updated Jul 31, 2017

His body stilled as he heard the melodic voice call out to him. His head whipped up to find her looking at him. He'd forgotten how smooth her dark skin was, and the way her plump lips curved upwards. The emerald dress that she wore dipped -slightly- into her cocoa cleavage.  


 Oh god. It was if his brain ceased to function! 30 minutes of silence and all he could come up with was 'well'.

-...I..mean..Elle talked to me about you..and how good you...are."

 Stuttering, Mischa watched in awe as her full lips curved into a slight smile. 

She was beautiful.
                                      ~     *    ~

 Arella Falcon was a lonely woman. It was taxing as Alpha of her clan, that she hadn't found her mate; everyday she vied for the beautiful simplicity that came with the partnership, so when her  senses prickled with the announcement of a wolf-auction in the south side of town, she rushed at the opportunity.   

  There she found Mischa. A nimble yet beautiful slave wolf that was the exact opposite of her; powerless and timid. His long jet locks, and bronzed skin fit every one of her idyllic dreams. 

 As she competes for the attention of Mischa and their relationship furthers, her hidden past threatens to tarnish her newfound love. Ms. Falcon begins to realize the struggle of truly having an mate.


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AfroAnn AfroAnn Aug 22, 2016
Cougar alert. He's young enough to be your son, grandson even y'all need to chill
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Awwwww no 19 that's peek let him go bruh he don't want ur 60 old ass
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That what I'm saying lol exactly why would you want a 19 year when you like 70 to 80 he don't want your non teeth having self 😂😂😂
thicocoqueen thicocoqueen Mar 22, 2016
If u couldn't find a boyfriend best place to go (I'm go there)
gaaralover89 gaaralover89 May 01, 2016
Omg, I can't wait for the next chapter! This is wonderfully written and very different from others of its genre. I can't wait to see where you're going to take this story! 😃
Mybestfriendisabagel Mybestfriendisabagel Dec 17, 2016
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