Never Feared Death (Daryl Dixon)

Never Feared Death (Daryl Dixon)

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Gill Casteen By futbol9_xoxo Updated Apr 01, 2014

He's the badass with a scary past. He doesn't talk about it and probably never will. He's the most closed of person in the world. Let's all face on fact, Daryl Dixon doesn't give a shit about nothing and nobody. It's just him and his brother. That's all it's ever been.   

She use to be sweet. She use to be innocent. She use to give a shit. She use to be the perfect girl, any guy could fall for. She was an Olympic Gold Medalist. But even before the apocalypse her life was shit. Now she's cold, cruel, and blinded by rage. She prefers to be alone, run her own show. She can't trust anyone and probably never will be able to. She only looks after her brother. But that's just how Harley J's ever been.  

But what happens when these two cross each others?   

**Disclaimer Alert: I do not own any of the characters on the television show The Walking Dead, they belong to AMC and the original author. However, I do own Harley Kessler, Graham Kessler, Beau Taylor, Justin Carter, and Grayson Otega. ***

ZaraTheFox ZaraTheFox Oct 04
Not even a month into the Apocalypse and she already a fuckin badass
And the tears start. RIP GLENN THE LITTLE KOREAN BOI 😭😭
alyciajj alyciajj Apr 16
i only began reading because of octavia but im already falling in love
alyciajj alyciajj Apr 16
i used to think he was asian and never agreed with the fact he's korean
                              Than is comparing things.  
                              Sorry, just thought I'd let you know because nobody else did.
ZaraTheFox ZaraTheFox Oct 04
My heart is broken. I was hoping he'd survive the Apocalypse with her :'(