Mine || (Neko! Male! x Female! Reader!-Chan)

Mine || (Neko! Male! x Female! Reader!-Chan)

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|| Mine ||

Neko! Male! x Female! Reader!-Chan
~Once upon a time~
There was an ordinary girl named
Y/n didn't have many friends but the friends she
Did have were some of best friends you could even imagine.
Y/n didn't think her life could get any better until 
Alan came along. Y/n and Alan became the best of friends which surprised Y/n becuase Alan was one the most popular guys in her school. One day
Alan and Y/n decided to become more then friends and became boyfriend and girlfriend
Y/n thought she was the happiest girl in the world after that her and Alan were with each other for 5 years.
But That's when Y/n's life turned around
 she discovered Alan had cheated on her. Y/n was divested when she heard this.
Y/n then thought all hope was lost for her love life.
That is until Zach showed up right outside her door.
And this is where our story takes place.....

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Nice story! You can try to furthur improve your punctuation tho :D
He was cheating on all the people that is reading this story
Luna_Ghost Luna_Ghost Sep 18
Many songs began to play in my head at that point...
                              How could this happen to me
                              Alphabet Boy
                              Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
                              You Suck at Love
That... Is the longest sentence I have ever read 😂😂😂😂
IRL Anthony is the most annoyingest kid in my class... Oooo well
Because he found some dumb sl-t and is just a MAN-WH0RE and doesn't deserve me~ I was too fabulous for him!