parseltongue DRARRY

parseltongue DRARRY

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It's after the war and all seventh years must come back for their eighth year. But, Draco has a downfall for returning. 

He was cursed by his father. He can now only speak Parseltongue. No one must know. So, now he doesn't speak to anyone at all. But, there is only one person who can speak Parseltongue as well. 

Harry Potter.

Certain reasons.
                              Which just happens to be that she low key ships Drarry.
                              And I may or may not have secretly imperioused her into doing so...
"oh, I wonder who harry will be paired with?!!!" *puts chin in hands and looks up* "this is a hard one !"
lindeyrose lindeyrose Aug 19
Liza: Y'all already know what's comin 
                              HOUSTON TEXAS BABY 
                              no but seriously they'll be in a room together
samiyahS- samiyahS- Aug 05
Step right up! Step right up and watch me!! The amazing psychic guess who's rooming with Draco!!
And professor McGonagall thought that Draco shouldn't be lonely so she put Harry and him in one room as she already knows that they both talk parseltongue😏🙄🌚🌝
I can just imagine McGonagall being like, "Merlin, I just have to get these too to kiss already. How will I do that...." Then the other teachers are confused but they don't say anything cuz they know better than to mess with Mickey