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Ephemeral: A Journey Of Souls

Ephemeral: A Journey Of Souls

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mama koko ♡ By stardew- Updated Jun 04

Ephemeral: The concept of things being transitory, fleeting-existing only briefly.
          * * *
             Sweet and delicate Everette Grein believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Growing up in a small village, she harbors no hate in her heart. Overlooking the negative, and only seeing goodness in people's heart. To her, life is beautiful. To many others, life is cruel. Because with her special ability, there are certain repercussions. Apathy, emptiness, a certain dull look in the host's eyes-are just one of the few symptoms. For some, a second chance equates more pain.
    The gift of revival always comes at a price. But not all share her ideals. Some believe second chances shouldn't exist. That the laws of nature, the laws of Gods, should be adhered.
    Eventually, life in her melancholy little village is put to an end. When the Queen of Felencia-a woman without a King-summons her for a very special task, Everette sees it as an opportunity. Knowing fully well she will be used for her powers, she decides to go regardless. But little does she know, under Queen Maviare's protection, nothing is what it seems. 
    Between the Queen's struggle with building alliances and maintaining her reputation, Everette has gained renowned popularity within a group of sympathizers and a man that is set on becoming King of Felencia. Things become even more complicated when she realizes she isn't the only one with God-like powers...
    Politics and personal feelings collide. In this new world, Everette will learn, that not all deserve a second chance.
  ** 1ST PLACE WINNER in The Undiscovered Writers Awards Dark Fantasy category
  ** WINNER in the Anime Book Awards Adventure category
  Previous Title: Everette     
  cover (c) stardew-

TheLifeOfJo TheLifeOfJo a day ago
Same. I've always written in third person until the book I'm writing now.
StillSearchingForMe StillSearchingForMe Sep 12, 2016
Everette sounded dainty and contrasted the morbidness nicely
Aaron_Hui Aaron_Hui Jan 24
Hahaha i love this update log of yours!  Maybe I should consider keeping one as well!
UndiscoveredFantasy UndiscoveredFantasy Dec 10, 2016
Hi! It's me, CamoyPampoy, from UndiscoveredFantasy. Just wanted to let you know that I will be reading the first few chapters of the story and udging it for the Winterland Awards, so expect votes and comments. c:
Chooky65 Chooky65 Dec 18, 2016
Ps. Your A/N is reading a note from a friend.
                              Beautiful really!
StillSearchingForMe StillSearchingForMe Sep 12, 2016
However, Ephemeral encapsulates it as the enchanting tale it is