Black Bunny✔

Black Bunny✔

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"Why do you call me bunny?"
"Cuz your sneeze is almost inaudible." He muttered, a breeze of smoke fills my nostrils as he speaks.
"Then why don't you call me kitten?"
"Because although black cats mean bad luck, which i think would be quite fitting for you, kitten is too overused." He replied boredly.


Maya Harrison. Smart, reliable, bubbly & spontaneous. The big Apple baby was born that way. Though she isn't the captain of the cheer-leading squad, she still manages to be the most popular girl in Fullard High. Guys adore her presence and girls? Yeah, they do too, at least most of them. Her heart seems to be made of anything pleasant. 

Now take Alexander Florentine; There isn't really a popular guy, but he is one of the most popular guys. His closed off, gaurded demeanor is the sole reason for this. Girls chase after him & guys long to be his best friend. He isn't the full on bad boy. But something about him sparks Maya's interest. She doesn't know what it is. However, she wants to stick around long enough to find out...


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My baby......
                              Blood money blood money
                              How cdid you afford this ring that I love honey?
                              "Just another shift at the drug company. 😊" 
                              He doesn't think I'm that fûcking dumb, does he? 😑
theoringnal_kay theoringnal_kay a day ago
Me asf, teacher if I ain't raise my hand i ain't answering the question
Well im fine because in learned all of this by my friends in 4th grade
I found a picture of the same girl on the cover and I'm wondering if you have any idea who she is
K1Paradise K1Paradise Nov 01
Soon yay a will be calling him daddy! Jk but she is interested 😂
Laniyaaa_ Laniyaaa_ Nov 02
I was complaining about a 97 on my test and some boy was like well you lucky i got a 24 i was like 😬... but still i got one question wrong 😑