A Fateful Dread (An Eremika Story)

A Fateful Dread (An Eremika Story)

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brooke maynard By Eremika_Trash Updated Mar 15

Eren and Mikasa have been dating for a year now, and Mikasa has never given Eren her body. One night, at a party, Eren gets a little too drunk, and Mikasa let's him take control of her without thinking. She gave into his temptations.

Mikasa soon finds out she is pregnant. They try to hide it, but Levi, who is the guardian/godfather of Mikasa because her parents are dead, overhears them discussing it.

How will Eren and Mikasa do as parents... well, if Levi will even let them be parents.


Modern AU

If you're still reading this I have something v important to say 

The first 20 chapters are crap. 

I stopped writing this for a year to improve my writing skill okay? 

Once you get past chapter 20-ish it starts getting good. Bare. With. Me. 

All rights reserved.
I do not own nothing but the plot.
Characters belong to Hanjime Isayama.

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GodsAngel15 GodsAngel15 Jun 14, 2017
Lolllll! Except his shirt! Omg lol I can picture Eren right now lol.
miashcaluke miashcaluke Jan 30, 2017
You write like me. You actually spell right and have pretty nice grammar and stuff, not just dumb run on sentences and stuff