Titles  [Discontinued]

Titles [Discontinued]

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lSapphireDemonsl By lSapphireDemonsl Updated Jun 29

(Y/n) was best friends with Aaron ever since they were really little she had a crush on him for a long time but never got the courage to tell him because she feels that if she were to tell him it would ruin there friendship. (Y/n) is a really shy and paranoid person it was so bad she could not talk to anyone but Aaron ever time she were to meet someone she does not talk.

One day Aaron convinces  (Y/n) to meet his friends.

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Phosec Phosec Apr 03, 2016
I like how most of the fanfics I read, the reader's life isn't perfect.
AmeTheIdiot AmeTheIdiot May 28, 2016
Don't you DARE think that you can let us down. Now, I need food, it smells like cookies...
XXxxEmberxxXX XXxxEmberxxXX Jun 17, 2016
I don't watch  Pretty little liars... i'll change it to... Once Upon A Time.
SMF1015 SMF1015 Apr 08, 2016
That sounds like something I would do because I'm too shy around other people🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇
Arwyn_13 Arwyn_13 Mar 14, 2016
I really liked it! It is different and I like different! Keep up the good work!
NashmiraHeide NashmiraHeide Dec 11, 2016
Ok I'm a little socially akward but also I don't talk to people I just meet I have to know then for a little but unless it's on sochail Midia DO U know what I mean heh