Anime X reader lemon one shots

Anime X reader lemon one shots

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Otaku-pasta By Anime_crazy_49 Updated Jul 02

You and haru have been friends for years now, but lately he's been getting more 'friendly' with you 

"Hey haru" you say running up to him from behind, school has just ended and it was Friday 

"Oi (y/n)" he said with is normal expressionless face 

"Are you going somewhere, or just straight home, also I was wondering... I have this underground pool in my basement.. I cleaned it yesterday and I wanted to know if you would like to come over.." You blush 

He looks at you with puppy dog eyes, you can tell he's saying yes

"C-can I come over now" you asked putting more meaning into his words 

"Uhh, okay.." You say cheerfully

•••time skip brought to you by water••
to ur house••••••••••••

"I'm gonna go change into my bathing suit" you say with a smile 

"I'll wait for you" usually with others he just jumps right in, but whenever you're with him he always waits 

You walk back out in a (f/c) bathing suit, he's already in his 

You can almost see him blush 

"Haru did you wear your bathing...

*hes thrusting and pulling my hair*
                              Me: ow stop pulling my hair!
                              Haru: *continues*
                              Me: stop!!
                              Haru: *doesnt stop*
                              Me: STOOOOPPPP!!!!!   t(°^°t)
My friends flirting: u got a girlfriend? Ur cute! Omg i look at u then i look at Jb and u think..'wht cant he look like u?'
                              Then when i flirt: hi, my double chins name is
What kind of question is that?!  This is HARU we're talking about!!!
Roses are red,
                              Thorns are prickly,
                              Must I say,
                              That escalated quite quickly
Omg anytime I hear that, I just imagined Mexican instruments playing in the background XD
Take me 
                                \\ Λ_Λ
                                 \( ಠ_ಠ )  
                                 /   へ\ 
                                 /  / \\
                                 レ ノ   ヽ_つ 
                                / /
                                / /|
                               ( (ヽ
                               | |、\ 
                               | 丿 \⌒
                               | |  )   /
                              'ノ )  Lノ