wish upon a kookie ; jikook

wish upon a kookie ; jikook

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" i wish that he'd love me as much as i love him. "

in which jimin wishes for jungkook, the boy whom he's been in love with for years, to love him back.

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“Even if it were a month” No, author, don’t do this to me! Only for a month. In a few chapters fangirls’ (and fanboys’) hearts are going to be broken, aren’t they? Dang it, author!
Welp, I’m going to go buy a s*it ton of fortune cookies now. Bye!
                              *runs out and accidentally breaks vase*
                              *still keeps running*
What. . .wtf. 
                              . . .So apparently Jungkook is an amnesiac now.
EXO4801 EXO4801 Jan 07
If only fortune cookies actually made wishes come true :') oh i could do so many things :) so so so many things
mochxmin mochxmin Feb 20
this should normally make me happy because jikook ftw but why am I nervous