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The Photographer's Daughter {R5/Will Von Bolton Fanfiction} (completed)

The Photographer's Daughter {R5/Will Von Bolton Fanfiction} (completed)

14.2K Reads 656 Votes 17 Part Story
Rydel's Babe ❤️ By R5_Ready_Set_Rock101 Completed

They knew she was off limits. After all, she was the daughter of their photographer. But how could they resist? (Ross Shor Lynch Fanfiction)
Cover: Myself

rikkerrr rikkerrr Nov 13, 2016
Wth she's already planning go fall for one of them 😑😑😑
standing-cowardly standing-cowardly Mar 01, 2016
Ross orgasmic pic is from me so thank me for that pic that caused you to swerve everyone
asinger1 asinger1 Jan 16
Wait does this really happen at meet and greets??? I'm intrigued lol
rylands_snapback rylands_snapback May 02, 2016
Yes ma'am. *bows and worships* what about queen delly and princess courtney, laura, and savannah
Bliss4416 Bliss4416 Apr 22, 2016
I know it's already about Ross but I kinda wanted it about rocky 😂
rivurdale rivurdale Mar 02, 2016
1. It's not boring. It's awesome. ;)
                              2. Y.E.S! 
                              3. Thank you, Char. 
                              4. Uh, yeah!
                              5. Y.E.S!1!1!
                              Thank you for all the Ross photos. I had some fangirling moments, tbh.