The  Kidnapping - Septiplier

The Kidnapping - Septiplier

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Mom By ScarletVuur Completed

A New Septiplier smut book.
Read on my fellow perverts.

Little piece out of the book:
I was sitting in my chair at Indi Popcon and saw Mark sitting almost next to me I couldn't stop staring at him, he was just so handsome, so muscular,  I giggled like a schoolgirl, Mark looked up to me with a questioning face, I quickly looked away from him and continued talking to my fan's.

Cover art isn't mine

roses are red
                              i ate a cookie my mom baked
                              something tells me
                              mark's gonna get raped
HelenaCLemon HelenaCLemon Jul 28, 2016
okay............i'll obey THE master *slaps self and runs away*
Mark_X_Jack Mark_X_Jack Oct 24, 2016
Roses are red 
                              Violets are blue
                              Let's just say
                              That escalated quickly
CrystalPlayer129 CrystalPlayer129 5 days ago
This story is kinda rushed and badly written but it makes it good? i enjoy the story but I hope that one day when you improve a little more on your writing skills, you'll do a remake. Thid is one of the best sepriplier stories ever.
John_A_tron John_A_tron Jun 23, 2016
Im not kinky but i like to read kinky stuff, if that makes sense...
my pleasure :3
                              no really i came here for a reason and you better get me it
                              jk :3