Natsu X Reader:A bellow for love...hear my cry

Natsu X Reader:A bellow for love...hear my cry

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(Y/N) Elric was a run away from home. She was able to sense and go through portals something very little people could do. The Death of her mother drew her to abandon her two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. She encountered a portal and decided to go for it. She arrived in a whole other world. Fiore. She was raised by a dragon. To learn all elemental dragon slayer magic. She could not master fire very well until she was introduced to the king of fire dragon slayer Magic. Igneel. She got the hang of it and met her first friend. Natsu Dragneel. Now 18 years old she still hasn't mastered fire dragon slayer magic but has proved to be a capable young wizard. In fact she's part of the 10 wizard saints. She hopes to find salamander to learn fire dragon slaying magic better and truly be able to defeat her dragon. She also hopes to join Fairytail and Learn what family truly is. Come along on this magic journey and hear

A bellow for love.

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UuuuuuuuuGgggggggggHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel it already she gonna be the bitchy one in this story I can tell
phoenix1221 phoenix1221 Mar 15
"It's one half of a giant pare of Sisiors and IV been looking all over for the person whos got the other half"
😩 I remember full metal alchemist. Alchemy and Fairy Tail combined already makes me love it
I saw the last name for the reader and immediately started reading this 😂
-_-,really Lucy,you know just because you think your pretty doesn't mean that someone may or may not like you back.Its your personality woman.😧