(VanossxReader) YouTube Battle °Complete°

(VanossxReader) YouTube Battle °Complete°

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°Rin° By Its_Rin_The_Otaku Completed

You have a tiresome job, and a boring life pretty much. Every day is the same routine: wake up, work, go home, eat, sleep, and the cycle continues the next day. The only thing that makes you happy through the mundane is YouTube gamers. But one afternoon after a tiring work day, something came into your life and changed it forever. 

*If you have never read X readers before, here is the basic key:

(y/n) - Your name
(l/n) - Last name (probably won't use)
(h/c) - Hair color
(h/l) - Hair length
(f/c) - Favorite color
(E/c) - Eye color

This is a silly story and not meant to be seriously :)

{ Ⓒⓞⓜⓟⓛⓔⓣⓔⓓ }

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WatashiSamishiiKo WatashiSamishiiKo Sep 26, 2017
Me: -holds up one finger- what's going on? -holds up two fingers- is this an elaborate prank? -holds up three fingers- my brain is fried -holds up four fingers- I just wanted food goddamnit -holds up five fingers- plz give me an apple or something
Okay I don’t get tho story😭 THE PLOT IS SUPER RANDOM!? 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻
foxylover49 foxylover49 Aug 23, 2017
I was watching anime two days ago
                              I was watchin AOT(still need 2 finish) and Fairy Tail
stargalaxy10314 stargalaxy10314 3 days ago
*finds banana bus* 
                              Les go  squad 
                              *sings banana bus theme song*
cookielover1021 cookielover1021 Sep 25, 2017
Wait we in LA......
                              MY GOD SHANE DAWSON IM COMING
WatashiSamishiiKo WatashiSamishiiKo Sep 26, 2017
Yes, me alone, A SINGULAR PERSON, will help you rule the world!