My Art Lol

My Art Lol

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The Razz-Dazzler By eeveeisnotonfire Completed


NOTE: I use references on a lot of my art, and if you're gonna "accuse me of tracing" then I'm telling you to get out now. Just... Don't even read it if you're gonna do that, boi. I would never trace or steal art. If I happen to use one of your drawings as a reference, PLEASE tell me so I can give you credit!

-This book is now completed, so please leave requests and things in my second art book, or on my message board-

Hai! I see you've entered the realm of my art, where everything is garbage! This book is, basically, 63% art, 37% me screaming about shit. Have fun in hell! 

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Its-Austria Its-Austria Apr 26
You should publish a story about her childhood. I would definitely read it