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Free will is wonderful, Use it if you do not like the story by then not reading it... :-)


Hermione saved Severus Snape's life. 

Now two years later, he lives the life of a recluse. 
Refusing to let anyone near him or close to him. 

Then a new law is passed. The bonding Law, or more commonly referred to as the Marriage Law. 

After certain tests Hermione and Severus gets bonded to each other. 

Will Hermione manage to break through his walls? Or will she forever be living in the shadow of the ghost of his first love. 

Was this law perhaps the needed device to force the  brooding recluse to give life another chance? 

But there is another outside force out to intervene once again with their lives, but not for the better.
Will the Snape's manage to survive clever manipulations and find each other still? 
Or will the enemy manage to break the war Hero's once and for all. 

Disclaimer: The wonderful world of Harry Potter and its characters belong solely to the wonderful JK  Rowling
Also: all artwork belongs to their creators, their signatures will be on the work, if it is not, then I do not know, if you know, contact me and I will credit them.

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StephanieONeill0 StephanieONeill0 Jun 27, 2017
So it occurs to me, this being my first Shape x Hermione fic, he was probably only maybe 20 years older? So here 40? And Wizards live longer so is that a weird age gap? Not really?
Oh that was beautiful. Im sure this is going to be amazing! Can't wait :)
SilverAconite SilverAconite Jul 17, 2017
Normally I don't do this, but I thought you'd like to know... I assume it's meant to say 'flew through the open door'?
SlyMatilda SlyMatilda Nov 07, 2016
Hermione kiss his hand ?hmm that's too early .Feelings should developed little by little .Just my opinion :)
Aisling1949 Aisling1949 Aug 17, 2016
Beautifully written. Thank you humbly for the dedication. I am thrilled to inspire!!!   Always.  Love ya...Sherry G.