L O S T {Percy Jackson and the Avengers Cross-Over}

L O S T {Percy Jackson and the Avengers Cross-Over}

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StarsFallDim By StarsFallDim Updated Aug 28

PERCY JACKSON LOST everything in the war with the giants. His girlfriend, his friends, his family....his sanity.
Terrified and damaged, he's struggling to get through each day. And, of course, something just has to come along to make it worse.

The Avengers aren't sure what's up with this quirky teenager. One minute he's fine, the next he's like a shell of a person. And his cousins - if looks could kill, their glares would turn them to ash.

But as a new threat arises, the two groups must combine their knowledge and power to overcome it.

Can Percy heal? Can The Avengers learn to trust these odd strangers? And will this threat destroy our favorite hero for good?


DISCLAIMER - I do not own Percy Jackson or the Avengers.

WARNING - There might be some clichés in here, but that's only because I liked the cliché. But the plot will be my own, and I assure you - it takes a rather decided plot twist c:

As long as it's your opinion that doesn't effect their lifestyle that's fine to have! I know a gay person that's quiet funny and happy to be around. But honestly I like pernico > #< I just like Percy's reaction to not his type in the book. Hahaha 😂
It's fine if you don't agree with me. I'm not going to force you to be right.
                              Sorry I just really wanted to say that. I respect you and your decision just like expect you to respect mine. I understand your view as long as you don't hurt anyone for being homosexual or anything like that. Peace
3KeeKee0 3KeeKee0 Oct 30
I totally agree with you. I don't support gay marriage and it is also against my religion.
That's basically me when I'm writing something, example:
                              (I'm writing a mystery story in class)
                              Teacher: okay any questions?
                              Me: can we kill off our characters?
                              Teacher: *laughs nervously* haha, keep it PG
Jasminesoy1 Jasminesoy1 Nov 27
Dude, don't hate the player, hate the game. Don't hate the people, ask their religion. If you think that judging someone just because of their religion, then you're wrong.
Well it is a children's book like 12-16 main age base maybe slightly younger but point is the don't need that gruesome of a part in the age range. I think for that age yes it's good but for older readers bring it on!!!