Osomatsu-sama! (Osomatsu san x neko!reader)

Osomatsu-sama! (Osomatsu san x neko!reader)

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Emily Hoang By Lost_alpaca Updated Nov 11

(Story inspired by Nekopara!)

On Earth Neko's exist!
Suddenly the Matsuno brothers find themselves ordering their own Neko girl!

P.S: This story contains mature content(I'm talking about when reader-chan is in heat)

I am sorry in advance for spelling and grammar mistakes!

  • chibita
  • choromatsu
  • ichimatsu
  • iyami
  • jyushimatsu
  • karamatsu
  • osomatsu
  • osomatsu-san
  • todomatsu
  • totoko
ManaShay ManaShay Nov 25
Don't you mean Karamatsu being painful
                              Lol I'll show myself out the door now
                              I'VE MADE MY MISTAKES 
                              GOT NOWHERE TO RUN 
                              MY LIFE GOES ON 
                              R.I.P Karamatsu he ded. Riperonii. Never forghetti alphabhetti spaghetti .
That's about the same price as a smartphone, are we worth THAT little?!😾😿
Eyyyyy 😺(I dunno y but it reminds me from Edd from eddsworld....)
He is me while handling my Oldest and Youngest siblings (2nd oldest is me ; - ;)
Eh, for a human cat hybrid it would be at least 500,000,00 yen