Osomatsu-sama! (Osomatsu san x neko!reader)

Osomatsu-sama! (Osomatsu san x neko!reader)

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Emily Hoang By Lost_alpaca Updated Oct 24, 2016

(Story inspired by Nekopara!)

On Earth Neko's exist!
Suddenly the Matsuno brothers find themselves ordering their own Neko girl!

P.S: This story contains mature content(I'm talking about when reader-chan is in heat)

I am sorry in advance for spelling and grammar mistakes!

    That's about the same price as a smartphone, are we worth THAT little?!😾😿
    He is me while handling my Oldest and Youngest siblings (2nd oldest is me ; - ;)
    Eh, for a human cat hybrid it would be at least 500,000,00 yen
    thatonecupcake thatonecupcake Oct 25, 2016
    20,000 yean= 200 American dollars
                                  For some reason I don't find this to be expensive. But since they're neets and everything I guess they would think it's pretty expensive