Lu [ XiuHan ]

Lu [ XiuHan ]

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 Second EXO fanfiction~ ^^ (Includes all twelve original exo members so if you don't like OT12, sorry?)

-Story Finished 3/6/16 -

< Everything in here is purely fiction and I don't claim to know any of the idols who appear in this story >

Obama_ Obama_ Nov 12
Look on the bright side . You can be their sugar daddies . Everyone loves those
- - Apr 05
This is the best xiumin and luhan fangic ever the ending made me cry
Natanatsu Natanatsu Aug 01
I'm rereading this.
                              My xiuhan feels
                              I wish I could vote again ;-;
Obama_ Obama_ Nov 12
Right when I finished this paragraph I got an Instagram notification . I got scared lmao
Obama_ Obama_ Nov 12
I have 1,230 followers because I do edits . I don't have a personal
Pffft that's not me *goes on instagram and stalk Chanyeol* totally not me