My Beloved Monster (Yandere!prince x peasant!reader)

My Beloved Monster (Yandere!prince x peasant!reader)

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megena By megena Updated Apr 22

A young servant girl that goes by the name of (Y/n) has spent most of her life carrying around orders in the kitchen while tending to the Royals everyday needs. 
   Until meeting upon the charming young prince named Adrien who has an eye out for her since the first day they meet each other as small children who dreamt of a better world.
   One day she found out that Adrien have grown up to be selfish, possessive, childish and liking that taste of blood when it's about other people in general take a slight glimpse at the poor (Y/n). 
   But how can she leave him when he practically breaks into tears in front of her pleading for her to stay. 
   "Don't ever leave me, with you, I'm still sane."
   Even if he begs, she still thinks that it's not safe for her to be around a man with a personality of a Sadist. 
   What can she do actually? If she leaves then she'll forever be on the run, but if she stays then she'll have to bare a  child for the monster. 
   What would you do in this situation? 
  Would you stay or would you forever be on the run with all eyes on your back like daggers. 

   ~This story is for mature readers.~

•Adult Language
•Adult Contact

   *You've been warned so please do not report. *

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Logic : it's very familiar this name 
                              me : don't do it 
                              Logic : Adrien ..............
                              me : DON-
                              Logic : MIRACULOUS SIMPLY THE BEST
Aaannnddd this is the part where I leave the castle to live with a friendly pack of wolves. Goodbye everyone!
Vampire Red and Platinum Blonde hair and Emerald green eyes.
Vampire pale skin and he reminds me of Adrien Agreste from Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Nior
Okay then...
                              *punches the prince in the face*
                              Sorry your highness I don't want to marry you
dannielamaceda dannielamaceda May 14, 2016
Umm......... Excuse me but...... What is the name of the anime boy in the pic??