Kidnapped By The Mafia • Book One • [slow updates]

Kidnapped By The Mafia • Book One • [slow updates]

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Naomi By girl-in-white Updated May 22

[Mature content]

He's a pander. She's a victim of prostitution.

One glance changed everything.


What happens when you are forced into prostitution? When your boyfriend of five years is secretly a trafficker and sold you to his boss? 

What happens when you're a pander and somehow fall in love with a girl you've only saw one time? How far would you go to save the girl of your dreams from your friend yet enemy? 

Find out inside!

(RATED M + RATED A + RATED R. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU'RE UNDER 17 YEARS. **contains steamy scenes, murder and swearing**)

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I feel u my first language is italian and my second is spanish ... English is my 4th language
kkg12304 kkg12304 May 11
Yeah, sure totally 17 and I've read a lot of bdsm, ddlg, CLG, and prostitution books on Wattpad
                              *secretly 13*
meyaluv324 meyaluv324 Aug 23, 2016
Mafia books are the best, some mature scenes are really there can't we just have one. I mean one mafia film without sex rape panders strippers and so on gosh but don't get me wrong I kinda let it *smirk*
Mixed_Chic Mixed_Chic Jul 05, 2016
Wow I never heard of the word pander. When I looked it up I saw pimp and was like ooooooooooohhhhhhh
jane_gandy jane_gandy Aug 24, 2016
I don't speak english so i don't give a fuvk about spelling or grammar 😂😂
BittersweetZonira BittersweetZonira Jul 27, 2016
Thank you so much for giving a warning before such scenes.
                              Though I'm seventeen I'm very shy of such scenes *blush* but I love good mafia books and your book surely seems very good :)