Serpent's Kiss [COMPLETE]

Serpent's Kiss [COMPLETE]

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Belit BelitAm By BelitAm Completed

Valeri Beufort is the last of an aristocratic Vampire bloodline. He is also about to marry a human woman whom he dearly loves and is terrified of hurting.

Ira Hale needs a job and a safe haven to weather the harsh winter months. A storm brings her to Sir Beufort's doorsteps. The Vampire sees an opportunity to play house with a human and welcomes Ira into his home. Neither expects the connection that blooms between them.

Nor do they see the threat looming on the horizon until it is too late to run.

Book I in the "Kingdom at World's End" series.
Cover by @seventhstar

NoraBlake456 NoraBlake456 Aug 19, 2016
oh my gosh this is so beautiful written and haunting.  Im so happy I found your story
vohgha vohgha Jun 12, 2016
Very well-written and a very interesting story, will continue to read this :)
v_silva v_silva Mar 21, 2016
Your writing style is absolutely beautiful! Very engaging start; interesting setting and characters. It for sure managed to get me interested. I'm looking forward to read further!
A_C_Douglas A_C_Douglas May 28, 2016
Anyone who even thinks of stealing your work shall be forced to deal with me...
                              *Sharpens sword*
                              I may be small but I'm still DEADLY! >;3
linahanson linahanson Dec 25, 2016
Omniscient is permissible but is it wise? You are with her and then suddenly I got wrenched in front of the door. It worked sort of. Lots of writers would do it. Given the subtle hints at the good Lrod's true nature before I felt you were letting me down a bit. But it's not wrong per se.
linahanson linahanson Dec 25, 2016
careful with repetitive phrasing. He is positive he is looking at a stranger. The repetition of the "is" struck me as awkward, as did the "he is positive" He knows he's facing a stranger?