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Serpent's Kiss [COMPLETE]

Serpent's Kiss [COMPLETE]

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Belit BelitAm By BelitAm Completed

Monsters and humans live side by side in the Kingdom of Samodevia, although few humans know it. The Amith Capil - the Queen's secret army - is charged with keeping the more vicious of supernatural creatures in line.

A series of gruesome murders leads a team of Amith Capil Soldiers to the village of Elsendorf. Their mission is simple: Find the monster responsible and destroy it. Elsendorf's inhabitants prove uncooperative. There are secrets buried in the land that few want unearthed. 

The monster the Soldiers seek is far from the only one walking Eslendorf's streets. 

Book I in the "Kingdom at World's End" series.
Cover by @seventhstar

A_C_Douglas A_C_Douglas May 28, 2016
Anyone who even thinks of stealing your work shall be forced to deal with me...
                              *Sharpens sword*
                              I may be small but I'm still DEADLY! >;3
SiannaOkaat SiannaOkaat Feb 06
I. LOve. The. Cliffhanger. this really does it with the pace of the story, like honestly, it encourages me to keep reading and overall it has been an amazing first chapter!!! u r such a great writer
FayLane FayLane Feb 11
I'm not sure about 'sets for'-- perhaps 'sets off for'? Or heads for? Approaches?
SiannaOkaat SiannaOkaat Feb 06
I really love the characters!!!!! asdfghjkl they seem so real... Ira is so mysterious, but there is something extremely alluring about her and Valeri really speaks to me as a good man. Amazing job here!
SiannaOkaat SiannaOkaat Feb 06
You asked if this was too heavy on prose, but I don't think so. There is enough action and dialogue to keep the story going and enough description to remind the reader where he is. LOVE IT!!!!!!
Mo_Haney99 Mo_Haney99 Oct 26, 2016
I love this book so much this is my first time ever reading this book. I hope you are making a any other books like this one again....