Dominance & Submission | Incubus

Dominance & Submission | Incubus

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Kaelynn By nekokae Updated Dec 06, 2016

Bondage & Discipline,
Dominance & Submission, 
Sadism & Masochism

1. power and influence over others.

1. the action or fact of yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

In the world of Incubi, Sucubi are considered the slaves. Every incubus has power over us. They are the dominants, the sadists & the discipliners. It's been like this since the dawn of time, but maybe their rule is over.

Luxina Steele has had enough of these Incubi controlling her. Her and her merry band of Hunters are ready to take them down & gain power. It's time for the Incubi to be the submissives. No more being tied up helplessly, or used by these vile demons. Maybe she'll be deemed a lesbian feminist, but so be it. There's nothing wrong with change.

Jesse Drake has no idea of what these sucubi girls have planned. For thousands of years it's been the way it's supposed to be, women are inferior to men. Sure, times have changed and all and maybe it's time he's changed too, but he's been fence sitting on this one, especially due to Lux. With her spitfire combacks, she might have a chance to change his opinion, or for him to dominate her. But if they believe they can wipe the existence of Incubi, they have something else coming to them.

DonnaAnnMarieOlson DonnaAnnMarieOlson Oct 28, 2016
I love this and it won't be boring it is one of the best that I've seen