Designed By Him - The Desire To Possess (#wattys2016)

Designed By Him - The Desire To Possess (#wattys2016)

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Everyone had something to say about him but he didn't care, not one bit. He lived a life that he desired ever since the beginning, simply because of who he is.

With one touch, she could do more than anyone else could ever do. For a reason that was unknown to others, she attended to his every command, without asking for any explanation but truth to be told, things eventually change, for better or worse.

For some people, it's hard for them to find someone that understands them, someone that cares for them or simply someone that stand by them, no matter what, but with him, he had that special someone, right by his side, day and night.

When something belongs to you, you would do anything to protect them from any danger and that was exactly what he had promised to do but what happens when someone with a bigger determination comes knocking on his door, asking him to hand it over, how far can he go before things head in the wrong direction?

Every person has desires but for some, it's dangerous, it's strong, it leads them to have an obsession with possessiveness but what happens when there are obstacles in the way?

A story of twists and turns, fighting for the right reasons, recognising one's inner self and mostly, protecting what you love.

Jinn_hijabi Jinn_hijabi Jul 21
I hate those ppl who act as if they are owner of dis world and want everyone to act as per their command😠😠
Na_Oh_Me4 Na_Oh_Me4 Oct 08
'Can I go?'. Why do you need to ask? Just walk outside like a boss. Then buy sweets for me instead of cheese for him
Asiya_N_ Asiya_N_ Aug 17
I wonder why he is like that (the reason behind his 'possessiveness')
sara508 sara508 Oct 30
Intimidating much! However, loved how obedient and patient she is!
Wat the hell y ask for 
                              Wat is he gonna kill her or something if she don't ask damnn I hate men like that
SagalFarah7 SagalFarah7 Jul 20
Imagine if non Muslims read this they'll think everything in the media about Islam and some are true