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× Jay × By Torn_Between_Us Updated Jul 22, 2017

"If you misbehave in public once, I'll spank you lightly. But do it again and I'll take you to the bathroom, understand?"


We started out as friends who liked each other, but when it came to dating... Things got intimate.
We both liked being called one word specifically: I liked being called Baby Girl, and he liked being called Daddy.
Kinky? Yes, I know. But it just seemed to work out for us.

But we had one problem. Baby Girl didn't always wanna listen to Daddy...

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MelHaley MelHaley Dec 15, 2017
😂 Yeah, if I did that I would have gotten a lot of spankings from my daddy.😂
thatonehoeclaire thatonehoeclaire Nov 11, 2017
Dangit I was hoping it would be Anastasia. Cuz my childhood depended on it.
MelHaley MelHaley Dec 15, 2017
I would have told him. "I don't care if this is your car, put on your damn seatbelt." Even tho I know I would get in trouble after saying that. But I would not really care safety first!
Baby girl ain’t taking no blame when somebody hits us and you go flying in the side of the road. Put. The. Damn. Belt. On. ...😏
Boiiiiii try to touch my phone and you’re gonna catch these hands
Jayus_wyd Jayus_wyd Dec 25, 2017
Him: baby girl, this is MY car don't tell ME what to do
                              Me: tHiS iS mY cARr!1!1!, but when we get in a car wreck and your ass flys through the windshield and across the road don't blame me.