Hating The Player || Wattys 2017

Hating The Player || Wattys 2017

23.3M Reads 886K Votes 41 Part Story
Laylaa K By xThePineappleGirlx Completed

|| Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction and #5 in Romance ||

Melody Carson has been in the same class as Tyson McCannon since primary school. 

She's watched him play with girls, set the school on fire, skip classes, prank teachers, smoke behind the school, break the law, get into fights with other guys for fun and even watched him get suspended for three weeks. 

He always ruins everything and never does what he is told.

Melody has hated him since the day he set foot in her school and luckily he has never noticed her.

That is, until now. Tyson has set his eyes on Melody and won't stop until he gets what he wants. 

And he wants her.


Note: It is cliché at first but it gets better. 


Copyright © by Laylaa Khan

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ice_qreenm ice_qreenm a day ago
I’m scared cause I see a lot of #rr with a broken heart 💔
I imagine Cody Christian like always, he’s my dream dude lol
your_moms_a_hoe_ your_moms_a_hoe_ 16 hours ago
I would of beaten his aśš with my backpack who tf he think he is slamming me against a wall
astanfan astanfan a day ago
my school has vending machines with chips and ice cream🤤 aND THEY SELL PRETZELS AND COOKIES AND A KIND OF SLURPIE THING
                              its why i always have no money and im fat oops
Blake_Eaton Blake_Eaton a day ago
rereaders that were in the comments of another book ruined this one for me but it’s okay bc I’m still gonna read it lol
carlottaameh carlottaameh 16 hours ago
ya se acostó con la profe también? alv  no me parecería raro que sea su fav ggg