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t.paramita.k By dksdks Completed is a new kind of an odd relationship between grown man and grown woman who used to be a lovey-dovey couple but ended up hating on each other because of a childish break up.

Kurry_Senpai Kurry_Senpai Mar 09, 2016
am I the only person who would be okay if he has to go practice? like I wouldn't be mad or anything, that's understandable
-yoonmingle -yoonmingle Apr 22, 2016
I have no soul. I'm not smiling nor crying. Tf is wrong with me
-yoonmingle -yoonmingle Apr 22, 2016
I'm like her, I like being alone. Nobody around so I can do stuff that is almost embarrassing 😂.
jamir123456 jamir123456 May 04, 2016
2017? 2018? That is so funny! But this story called amazing author!!!!!!!!!
minsyugaa minsyugaa Apr 06, 2016
Am I the only one who likes being alone? Like you really don't like to talk to ur "friends" and "family" n if they do u just act nicely? Lol
-yoonmingle -yoonmingle Apr 22, 2016
God dang. This woman got no chill, I can just see an image of her creepy face in my head. Widen eyeballs is all I could say.