Better Than A Summer Rain

Better Than A Summer Rain

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Riley's POV

I had a crush on Lucas for most of 7th grade. Ever since I fell into his lap on the subway, but things are different now. Too much pressure was put on us. They told us it could turn us to diamonds but in reality it's turned me to dust. The hard thing is, is that that pressure is still there and him being my 'boyfriend' gets harder each day. 

I don't like him anymore, don't get me wrong he's a great friend, but that's where it ends. Friend. Just a friend. From my experience nobody actually seems to care whether we genuinely like each other anymore, we are just purely for there entertainment and so nobody else has to be the first 'couple' in our grade. That's how it was at first. Lucas and I both felt uncomfortable and awkward, but apparently he decided to make the most of it. All he ever wants to do is kiss me. I hate it. Every. Second. Of. It.

I need to tell someone though. Its becoming too much to hold inside. There's only one person I can trust, Maya of course. I've kn...

nerdyswiftie2125 nerdyswiftie2125 Nov 20, 2016
Same but my parents actually did that when I told them I was bi