The Bad Boy Wants The Athlete(UNDER HEAVY EDITING)

The Bad Boy Wants The Athlete(UNDER HEAVY EDITING)

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He pulls over to our front porch. I got out of the car and he follow me out too. We stand on our door and I smile. "It was really a great day today, Soarin."

"Don't mention it, you wouldn't have had fun if I wasn't around." He grins cheekily. I punch his arm and he curses.

"Arrogant ass," I mutter under my breath and grab the keys on my pocket. He winks, "A hot ass."

We stare at each other and I found him smiling genuinely. His eyes filled with happiness? Over confindence? Or ecstasy? I was confused by his emerald eyes and it was annoying why I can't read his emotions. You sound so fucking creepy if you put it that way. 

He smiles at me and takes a step forward. What was happening here? I haven't got the urge to take a step forwards him. He takes another step forward and I was heating up. Our face were merely inches, that got me heated up more. 

A yelp escapes from me when I suddenly felt his hands cupping my cheek. He tips his finger on my chin and holds it up to make me look into his eyes, and I stare into his eyes once more. He stares down at my lips and I stare in his too.


Rainbow Dash was the least girl who would like a guy that much. She never let anyone hold her or annoy her. She never let anyone flirt with her, kiss her, hug her. Everyone is scared of her at school. 

Everything changed when Soarin Skies came in her life. 

He was the school's golden boy and bad boy. He had the title when he first arrived at school. He liked to annoy Rainbow Dash. Yeah, he does let the girls swarm him and go down for him. But when he meets Rainbow Dash, he had a goal, to let the athlete fall in love with the Bad boy. 

But what if the Bad Boy falls in love with the athlete too? 


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Soarin just stfu before i throw you back to your moms vagina
Flash how bout u suck my non exsistent dick and fùck off smh
nobody012345678 nobody012345678 Aug 25, 2016
That spells Math
                              M. mental A. abuse T. to H. humans 
                              I have shared my wisdom
bellecris06 bellecris06 Jul 15, 2016
Hehe rainbow dash its like buttercup from the powerpuff girls z
                              If yoh only know that show
OwwDhee OwwDhee May 25, 2016
Math is a mental abuse to humans... hahahahahaha.. that's why I hate Math..