Let me in. (Justin Bieber) (COMPLETED)

Let me in. (Justin Bieber) (COMPLETED)

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Tough and scary on the outside, broken and hurt on the inside. That was how 18 year old Justin Bieber was. Ever since his girlfriend of two years left him, he has given up on love, and on himself. He doesn't care anymore. He party, drink, and sleep with different girls. That was Justin's life. Until one day, his mother Pattie decides to put an end to it.

She wants the old Justin back, and she knows just how. She sends Justin to summer camp, where he will be living with 17 year old Aubrey Winters for the whole summer. Aubrey is considered as "the good and innocent" girl. But she has a dark past of her own. Will she manage to break down the thick wall that had taken Justin years to build? Will he let her in?

One girl, one boy, on summer. What could possibly happen? Well, one thing is for sure. Surprises will come along, hearts will get broken and tears will be shed. This will definitely be more dramatic than they could ever imagine.

(Justin is not famous in this.) Description sucks. Please read the prologue inside!

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AtishiJain AtishiJain Jul 03, 2017
I loved these sums. These were my favorites in maths class 😂
Bieberlicious101 Bieberlicious101 Dec 09, 2017
My teachers don’t do that,  they just count down until it is the end of the day because they won’t miss us 😂😂
BizzlesBbabes BizzlesBbabes Mar 19, 2016
??? is she serious? 2 something years old teenagers to share a room lmaooo yeah what a great idea!!
suhjsoaloausj99 suhjsoaloausj99 Sep 25, 2016
I legit spent 5 minutes trying to work this out and I forgot I was reading a fanfic
jodiekahari jodiekahari Jul 27, 2015
I look like my dad but have hints of my mother in me and that's what everyone tells me
welovejuju welovejuju Jul 14, 2015
Many people tell me that but I still think that I look like my dad