Let me in. (Justin Bieber) (COMPLETED)

Let me in. (Justin Bieber) (COMPLETED)

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dropdeadcarro By dropdeadcarro Completed

Tough and scary on the outside, broken and hurt on the inside. That was how 18 year old Justin Bieber was. Ever since his girlfriend of two years left him, he has given up on love, and on himself. He doesn't care anymore. He party, drink, and sleep with different girls. That was Justin's life. Until one day, his mother Pattie decides to put an end to it.

She wants the old Justin back, and she knows just how. She sends Justin to summer camp, where he will be living with 17 year old Aubrey Winters for the whole summer. Aubrey is considered as "the good and innocent" girl. But she has a dark past of her own. Will she manage to break down the thick wall that had taken Justin years to build? Will he let her in?

One girl, one boy, on summer. What could possibly happen? Well, one thing is for sure. Surprises will come along, hearts will get broken and tears will be shed. This will definitely be more dramatic than they could ever imagine.

(Justin is not famous in this.) Description sucks. Please read the prologue inside!

NehalSaher NehalSaher Aug 31, 2014
Aubrey winters I read another fan fiction about Aubrey winters and just except she was the bad popular girl Lool :) anyways I'm loving the story so far x
violettxx violettxx Jan 20, 2014
I love the prologue. i cried a little, this really made my heart race/ drop. im excited to read this! :)
bieries29 bieries29 Nov 04, 2013
i actually just got back on wattpad today. i was gone for like 3 months because my parents confiscated my computer. but im back now and i actually finished reading your story. it is really good. i personally dont like jb at all but i like him as a character in your story
Misty_Scarlet Misty_Scarlet Jul 30, 2013
It has a very nice length for a prologue. I'm not into reading fan fictions about singers, actors etc. but I'll give this one a try because there's something unique about it.
dropdeadcarro dropdeadcarro Jul 24, 2013
@Calistarilarila thanks! It was kinda the purpose to just have two paragraphs, one for aubrey and one for justin, but thanks for the suggestion x
Calistarilarila Calistarilarila Jul 24, 2013
Love this. An emotional chapter. <3
                              Just a suggestion: You can break the longer paragraphs up into shorter paragraphs, so it will be easier to read. :) E.g. you can place dialogues into another paragraph. ^^