KPOP Scenarios, Imagines, and Reactions ~ OPEN ~

KPOP Scenarios, Imagines, and Reactions ~ OPEN ~

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Park Jaeyeon By Jaeyeon_BTS Updated 7 days ago

Hey guys! I decided to start a KPOP Scenarios, Imagines, and Reactions book. I will try to do my best to meet your liking! Have fun and enjoy this book! I also do preferences! If its not to much to ask, please share, vote, or follow me! Also remember to write a comment, I love getting requests or even just socializing with my readers! Btw, I update whenever I have time or an idea pops into my head so don't kill me for not updating sometimes :D -_____-
  P.S.  I am aware of how long the book title is. >.<


December 5th, 2016 : #987 in Random and 18K views!!!

I want to request...
                              Name: Leena
                              Name of group: BTS
                              Member: Jungkook
                              Ending: Happy
                              Plot : Jungkook was Leena's boyfriend but he is a gangster.Leena always felt worried everytime he need to settle someone.Then,it's up to you...thanks
                              Yoon Yumi. Tell me, how does it feel? 
                              To see your husband as a demon's meal?
NO TAE And Yumi Are too young get someone else so they  will live happy
Hey first off your welcome second off I can't PM or message any one because watrpads a jerk and all what a ub I am sorry if that a stupid question
yunjiminati yunjiminati Feb 28
Name: Yoon Yumi  
                              Name of group: BTS
                              Member: V 
                              Ending: Sad
                              Plot: Main character dies when Tae wanted to propose