Little One [Aftermath]

Little One [Aftermath]

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[Explicit Content: NC +17]

! You've Been Warned !


What happens after the epilogue? There's more of your favorite couple;

1. The Holt Twins: Lennox and Lucien
2. Kayla and Christian
3. Adriana and Mikal
4. Scarlet and Roman

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Retxrical Retxrical Oct 16, 2016
I think of that vine with the Irish guy when I see the word short girl
KmarieE KmarieE Dec 21, 2016
I'm 5'4 I feel that! I hate upper shelves. But I ice my height! Embrace the little!!!! ♥️
Writer1800 Writer1800 Dec 17, 2016
I'm short, but tall girls need as much love too. Just as short boys need love Too.
bookRoyalty bookRoyalty Dec 15, 2016
5'9 but in my house I'm considered short compared to my brother 6'2 frame