The Rise of the World

The Rise of the World

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A pathway that few have managed to find lays between different universes and realities.

A newcomer to the world of Haiya, Evelin Jiyu obtains a job as a seamstress in Anchoof's castle, unravels the king's secrets, and tries to learn a new form of magic. While Anchoof is a safe place that hasn't seen war in thousands of years, the rest of Haiya is turbulent. The Ice is a region full of nomadic mercenary tribes; the Flame is a land of anarchy that will turn on the others without a second thought; and the Needle is planning to conquer the Thread and take over Anchoof.

When a message from Bessen reaches her, Evelin learns that Haiya is the last hope of salvation from Bessen's self-destruction. Only a citizen of all realities has the potential to find a conduit between the universes and connect them.

To save the worlds of Bessen and Haiya, Evelin must learn the true history of how the universes came to be, find the hole in the firmament that separates them, and convince Haiya that Bessen's people are worth saving.

*The Rise of the World is book two in The World Series

**The amazing cover was made by @Ferret-bird

  • anarchy
  • elements
  • magic
  • mindcontrol
  • planets
  • portals
  • reality
  • rebellion
This is a great start. Your writing is very good. The end was very profound and sets the tone.
HalfMoonShine HalfMoonShine Apr 24, 2016
On the first day thier was light god looked upon this and said that this was good or something like that this relates to the bible genisis
SerezelVeyDawn SerezelVeyDawn Mar 09, 2016
Learning how the shows are made I really do wonder how evelin got free will.
Odille75 Odille75 Mar 12, 2016
Now I have that Queen song in my head :)
                              Great to see how people loved Evelin and how real magic is used to create the show. Howard Cairns isn't really a nice man, is he? I hope his intern will put salt one day in his coffee.
papipoop papipoop Apr 07, 2016
Woah. The previous book was so tame and here the word ass is used! Lol xD
Christine_Carter Christine_Carter Feb 28, 2016
Ahhhhhhh!!! I'm going to read this asap tomorrow morning!! I'M READY, FRANCHAN ♡♡♡♡♡