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Aurelia Black and her habit of saying 'well fuck me gently with a chainsaw' when encountering even the smallest inconvenience, has come across a few major inconveniences. One of them being her major crush on Neville Longbottom that's a problem because they're best friends, she looks like Bellatrix Lestrange (genetics are a bitch, okay), and well, Neville is just too good for her! Another being her grand plan to prove she's a good person- that she can 'make her herself gold'- despite what her family has done, is failing miserably.

When her fourth year starts, Aurelia thinks that maybe they'll have a peaceful year and maybe her crush on Neville isn't as unrequited as she thinks. Then the Triwizard Tournament is announced and she realizes that it is most definitely not going to be a peaceful year especially since her honorary brother, Cedric Diggory, was selected as champion. And, of course, it wouldn't be a normal year if Harry Potter wasn't selected as well! Suddenly having an escaped criminal, who is also her cousin, hiding around Hogwarts, doesn't seem so bad.

Aurelia doesn't realize that this is only the beginning of a series of unfortunate events, she doesn't realize that soon her plans of 'making herself gold' and proving that she's not her aunt will be thrown out the window, she doesn't realize that her crush on Neville Longbottom will soon become worse than a major inconvenience. Oh! And it turns out her entire life has been a huge lie!

Well, fuck Aurelia, gently with a chainsaw!

(goblet of fire - deathly hallows)
(neville longbottom x aurelia black)

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pansiesparkinson pansiesparkinson 6 days ago
Every time I read this summary my need for people to see Aurelia as a good person intensifies times 100
awwwww my heart is hurting and it ain't even the prologue dskhgkfdhsgkhfdg
pansiesparkinson pansiesparkinson 6 days ago
can't believe I missed that Hamilton reference,, the first three fucvking times smh
you're rewriting this again I can't believe I thought Helena was kidding
I love how she's about to die and she quotes heathers. Iconic.
Finally going to read your story which I've been wanting to do forever!!!