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An Even Fifteen (Fili x reader)

An Even Fifteen (Fili x reader)

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rachelanne017 By rachelanne017 Completed

You have grown up under the care of Radagast the Brown, and on an errand to King Thranduil of Mirkwood you encounter Thorin Oakenshield's Company, though you do not know it. You return to your home with Radagast, only to be visited by Gandalf and recruited to join the Company. Their quest is a daunting one, and it exposes you to things you have never dreamed existed beyond your Greenwood home. You grow fond of the dwarves and their Master Burglar, but Fili, the fair Heir of Durin, in particular catches your attention. 
  Where will Thorin's quest lead you? How will you manage the new and terrifying things Middle Earth has to offer? And, most of all, how will you handle your growing affections for a certain blond dwarf?
  A fem!reader x fili fanfiction, updated on Mondays and Thursdays weekly

Ugh. . .  that's so unlike you Bilbo. . .  Also, what womanly wiles? All I'm good for is running around and screaming I dibs you, I want to kill you, and LETS *beeeep* JOIN THE *beeeeeeep* MAFIA!!!
You obviously haven't met ME then. The only times I flirt are an accident towards my guy friends
BILBO!!! STOP USING THE BLOODY RING! I DIBS IT AND I ALONE WILL RULE THEM ALL!! Well. . . maybe I can make an exception to the alone part. *runs of screaming for Fili like the maniac I am*