He Wanted The Bad Girl #Wattys2016

He Wanted The Bad Girl #Wattys2016

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ღ f e e s ღ By lovelyness- Completed

Serena Wolf is a bad bad girl, she curses like a sailor and isn't afraid of danger, no, in fact, danger is her middle name.

Blake Hunters is a bad boy, he had the whole package, the looks, the attitude, the ego and the bad boy aura. He has everything but the girl who's for once caught his eyes.

Have you ever heard of the good girl falling for the bad boy and the bad boy falling for the good girl.

Well my friends, I believe you are in the wrong place for it's a different story for this bad boy, after all, he wanted the bad girl.

tronphanlar tronphanlar Sep 21
@lovelyness-  u don't even know how real these are like woah
Xoxo_Elena Xoxo_Elena Jun 24
Haha 😂😂😂 his face is probably like (●__●)(◎_◎)
KairiMills KairiMills 3 days ago
Ditto and I only just realised it has pockets on the inside too so it just makes it more fun to wear and hide things
sxfxyyxh sxfxyyxh Nov 07
Me and my brother like never fight we've probably fought like 3 times that I can remember
TheAdrianna TheAdrianna Oct 03
THATS ME WITH MY JACKET even if I'm not wearing is till keep it with me in case I want to put it on 😂
KairiMills KairiMills 3 days ago
ME I'm a major daddy's girl and he is way over honest he even tells me I'm his favourite