He Wanted The Bad Girl

He Wanted The Bad Girl

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nafisah By lovelyness- Completed

Serena Wolf is a bad bad girl, she curses like a sailor and isn't afraid of danger, no, in fact, danger is her middle name.

Blake Hunters is a bad boy, he had the whole package, the looks, the attitude, the ego and the bad boy aura. He has everything but the girl who's for once caught his eyes.

Have you ever heard of the good girl falling for the bad boy and the bad boy falling for the good girl.

Well my friends, I believe you are in the wrong place for it's a different story for this bad boy, after all, he wanted the bad girl.

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ShygirlJoJo ShygirlJoJo Jan 04
Wow I just want to find a story that you know is  NORMAL you know something that’s realistic
                              But it’s fine I’ll continue on the story seems good
Snarky_Savage73 Snarky_Savage73 Dec 13, 2017
Yah I have THREE effing younger sisters and I fight all the time with them and every once and awhile we will throw a couple blows so yeah I don't know what it's like to not fight with siblings.
jazzgurl101 jazzgurl101 Dec 27, 2017
Rebekah Mikelson:"bloody hell"😂😂😂 ( I probably spelled her last name wrong sorry🤔)
happiness_is_here happiness_is_here Dec 19, 2017
Awesome Dad! I've already moved out but my dad still sees me as his little girl
Ha, thats actually another really good wattpad book about badasses
jaimyacampbell jaimyacampbell Nov 07, 2017
Ooh gurl no i wouldn't even be able to walk up the first step without thinking "Someone carry meh uuuuhhh"