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Monster in Me (Fairy Tail Fanfic)

Monster in Me (Fairy Tail Fanfic)

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Who? Me? Are you sure you're not asking that guy? By cat_in_my_hat Updated Dec 15, 2014

Natsu Dragneel knew nothing of his life before Igneel. But, when he meets the Black Mage Zeref for the first time, he starts to remember his life, one painful memory at a time. In particular, he remembers the night when everything went wrong. But who is the girl that protected him? And why is Zeref, the most powerful Black Mage in history, appearing?
When the truth is revealed, will the Dragon Slayer stop at nothing to find what is left of his past? And what if the past was best left buried?

I do not own Fairy Tail (if I did, then I would cause mayhem in the series) all of the characters (excluding my own) are Hiro Mashima's, but the plot is mine.

SaraJaneHolmes SaraJaneHolmes Feb 13, 2016
That was awsome your style is very attractive, I can read ur fic for hours without feeling bored.
Nena1lolz123 Nena1lolz123 Feb 07, 2014
@cat_in_my_hat  ikr!! Fairy tail is comin bak on in April!! Can't wait! :D
cat_in_my_hat cat_in_my_hat Feb 07, 2014
@Nena1lolz123 :D I love him too! He's like, one of my favourite anime characters.....
cat_in_my_hat cat_in_my_hat Jun 29, 2013
@Tot1988 Thanks Tot, you're awesome. 
                              @hanzee101 *finger twitches* OH! REVEAL IN THE CRUELNESS!
Tot1988 Tot1988 Jun 24, 2013
not attached attack =0 i swear im going to punch whoever invented autocorrect
Tot1988 Tot1988 Jun 24, 2013
so good =D why are you such a good writter =) PLease update (Or i may or may not attach you with a rubber ducky!!!
                               yes i said it a rubber ducky)