little buttercup ❀ Joshler

little buttercup ❀ Joshler

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Tyler is a sweet nerd who loves nature and girly things, while Josh loves drums, black, and is his art Teacher. 

©trashydun 2016

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x_local_x_dreamer_x x_local_x_dreamer_x Jul 22, 2017
I literally just started reading this and the fourth walls are already down
-666BANDTRASH -666BANDTRASH Aug 24, 2017
Everyone is like "why are there so many comments" READ UP PEOPLE GO UP UP UP UP UP
CreativeK23 CreativeK23 Jan 02
His damit breadbin. You always ruin everything.  Lol jk I love him.  But not in this situation
thathighgnotetho thathighgnotetho Jul 18, 2017
*hits "view more comments" 47886643 times to find out why there are 1,400 comments on this*
OlieDun OlieDun 9 hours ago
I can't explain how many times I've went under the hoop when a ball was going through and never getting hit and the ONE TIME IM NIT UNDER IT I GET HIT IN THE HEAD
Blazing_Trailz Blazing_Trailz Jul 10, 2017
i like how people are so baffled by the amount of comments that half of the comments are "why are there so many comments"