The Bad Boys Good Girl Neighbour

The Bad Boys Good Girl Neighbour

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⚫Amy⚪️ By Petite_Pan Completed

Winter sky is the good girl of Preston high. She is quiet and insecure.  She has long curly pure white hair  oh and in case you're wondering it's not bleached. She is tall and has bright crystal blue eyes. She is also not that skinny she has a stocky frame but hardly eats.

Winter's best friend lily is your typical girly girl and fan girl. She has blonde hair with a pink dip dye.

Dominic wood is the bad boy of Preston high. He is loud, obnoxious and a heart breaker. He has brown hair and piercing green eyes. Dominic is tall and almost everyone is afraid of him.

Dominic's best friends are the identical twins Jacob and Jackson. They are both annoying and blonde.

Winter is living a calm normal life until her new neighbours arrive.  They just so happen to be related to HIM.

"Anyway dear. You must be in my sons year?" She said.

"Umm that's right miss I'm Winter Sky from his science class." I said looking at Dominic's mother.

"You're Winter the nerdy girl who sits near the back of class." Dominic said very surprised.I nodded. I placed the cookies down on the table and as I did so my sleeves rolled up showing my cuts and scars. I quickly pulled them down again.

"I should be going my nan is probably wondering where I am. It was nice meeting you ma'am." I said as I turned around to leave


Warning this story contains self harm, bullies, swearing and a bad boy.

I wrote this story last year and it contains a lot of mistakes and bad grammar. 

I may rewrite it at some point.

EdytheAdams EdytheAdams Apr 16, 2017
Well that explains the self harming, someone's bullying her.
True_Annabeth_Chase True_Annabeth_Chase Apr 24, 2017
                              It triggered me as much as My Chemical Romance break up
                              sorry for bad English but its not my first language
dkaur04 dkaur04 Jul 10, 2017
0/100 real quick and why does this seem like a casual thing to do?
_upsetti_spaghetti_ _upsetti_spaghetti_ Sep 02, 2017
I love how this is a so casual thing she does.  I imagine this as one of the "get ready with me" videos on youtube.
WareGirl WareGirl Apr 30, 2017
She just goes and does it so casually hey I am hurting myself no biggie..its just few cuts...
PurpleTurtle1928 PurpleTurtle1928 Jan 07, 2017
I feel sad as this is the first time I'm seeing my name in a book and the characters a total bitch