Hell or High Water (#Wattys2016)

Hell or High Water (#Wattys2016)

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Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. By AceOfKnaves Completed

Imagine if a marriage proposal on Asgard worked differently than on Midgard? And that soulmates weren't for fairy tales, but rather by simply looking at someone's aura? Imagine the Trickster God himself needing a bride in order to become the next King of Asgard? Where does that leave Thor? This isn't your average love story. 

Charlotte McLane is an unlikely candidate that's for sure. She is independent, determined, and stubborn just to name a few. So, when the 'God of Endless Mischief' bumps into her at the local cafe, quite literally, her aura tells him she's the one. Except she doesn't see it that way. At all. And you know what? Perhaps Loki doesn't either. They never said finding a bride would be easy.



Rated T. For suggestive themes, violence, and language.

Set somewhere during Thor and slightly AU, any pics or video that aren't credited by me are obviously not mine. 

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