Wanted By The Psycho (#5 Psycho Series) Short Story!

Wanted By The Psycho (#5 Psycho Series) Short Story!

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Aaliyah Turner By Aaliyah_Loyal Completed

"I enjoy pain, darkness, killing.. So many things normal people are suppose to fear. I enjoy watching people suffer, and I love being the person who are making them suffer.."

"...I don't feel any emotions and I'm glad for that."

"But ever since I seen his daughter. I can't seem to stop watching her, her every move. And I don't give a fuck if it's creepy..."

"I'm a psycho after all."

*A Aaliyah_Loyal Production*

Heaven_Alsina Heaven_Alsina Apr 04, 2016
Danny boy stop with the corrections or don't read at all. I hate ppl who think they never spell something wrong or always have correct grammar😕😕😕
wUserw wUserw Jun 17, 2016
Francisco Lachowski as Jared Kingsley
                              Barbara Palvin as Chloe White
highkey_stalker highkey_stalker Aug 28, 2016
This is the kid you're nice to in school so when they snap you aren't on their list
Ananya15038 Ananya15038 Jan 03
I just love how in the comments everyone spells Francisco's name in a different way. 😂
SCMauve SCMauve Dec 30, 2016
Actually, no. It would've been true at least 100 years ago, but now if the fur was real, then Mr. White would be in jail for animal poaching. So Jared is so not badass by calling plastic painful
Zozo593 Zozo593 Mar 23, 2016
Hahaha!! I have never read something like a guys fantasy getting the best of him!!! I am gonna love this book!