He's such a liar [l.s]

He's such a liar [l.s]

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What's a social life? By larrystylinsonwishes Updated 7 days ago

"Your such a fucking liar"louis shouted at his stepbrother

"So? It's not like anyone will believe you, fagot"

"One day someone will"

"I wouldn't count on that if I were you"

Or in which Louis has a stepbrother that lies about being depressed to get attention, just so nobody realizes that louis is the one that's truly hurt. Harry will try to make louis feel loved and cared about, but here's the thing,louis hates Harry, oh and also Zayn.

They share: bottomharry & toplouis / bottomlouis & topharry

larrry_wtf larrry_wtf Apr 18
Aww poor Lou don't worry even though you'll  hate Harry he'll make you happy
He's a twat I don't like Logan, you better leave me son alone.. Fandom where you at? Let's get Logan
ItsWeebo ItsWeebo Apr 19
I might just have to "eliminate" the family... if you don't want to be apart of what I am planing then pretend you never saw this
My baby, my best friend is dyslexic and the teachers always call her stupid and stuff but yeah it's sad to see
izzyxme izzyxme Apr 20
The family is messed up, go live with harry in a world of imagination *harry shows up in willy wonka glasses*