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TMNT-Donatello Scenario(2016) (REDO)

TMNT-Donatello Scenario(2016) (REDO)

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Griz By Grizzly014 Updated Oct 18, 2016

As usual, you were walking back home from your karate lessons at 8pm. You just earned your yellow belt, congratulations! 

You are the type of person that really couldn't defend herself. Even though you did martial arts you are still afraid to throw a punch at someone.

(That's me. Haha) 

You past people on the busy streets of the Big Apple. Horns honked and people scattered and your were just two blocks away before reaching your place. You didn't want to take the long way. But there was an alley way to give you a short cut. You decided to take that route tonight. 

Just entering in between the buildings, you began to feel a little bit...uncomfortable. You stood your ground and felt a breeze rush through your (h/c) hair. The other side of the alley was right there in front of you, but you didn't want to make another step. 

Large hands covering your mouth made you struggle and wiggle in the grasp of a Foot solider. You mumbled and tried screaming.

"Foot again..." you thought. 


Lady_Saki01 Lady_Saki01 Feb 11
I'm not afraid to punch a bastard, or even just lick him in the balls
larinfob larinfob Feb 07
lol I don't know any martial arts but I still talk big. Idk if I could actually win a fight tho... oh well! Guys are still scared of me, so I win!!!👌👌👌
peculiar-gypsy peculiar-gypsy Mar 06, 2016
I gotta agree with that. Even if I took Taekwondo, I'm still afraid of how I would freaking use it!
                              Unless ya tryin' ta mess wit my friends then I ain't got no problem socking ya one good time!
moonflower3789 moonflower3789 Jun 16, 2016
Same. Unless their hurting someone. I can take myself, but not other people.
Youngwritergirl2 Youngwritergirl2 Jun 12, 2016
Same. Unless they made me really mad. Then YOU SHALL FEEL MY WRATH!!! FEAR ME!!