(Book 4 Of The Arlington Series) Amy's Dilemma (#wattys2016)(complete )

(Book 4 Of The Arlington Series) Amy's Dilemma (#wattys2016)(complete )

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Book 1= The Farmers Milk Maid
Book 2= Delilah Meets Her Match
Book 3= Caleb's Dream
Book 4= Amy's Delima 
If you haven't read any of these you need to go back and read them to understand what is going on in the series. None of the stories can stand alone. 
Amy is the last of the Arlington siblings to leave the nest. She is going to Rocky Mount Community College near the Worthington's to be an accountant. The Worthingtons asked her to stay with them but she wanted to get a roommate and share an apartment with her. It took some convincing but she finally agreed. When Karishma Eenakshi Walker arrived in town she was looking for a roommate and Amy agreed. This set off a chain of unexpected events.

Jacob is glad to have Amy around in place of Jasmine until he realizes that several of his friends find her attractive. Not that he cares, he sees her as a sister after all. It's just that he feels responsible for her. Will Karishma's dark eyes take his mind off of Amy?

Stephen Lassiter is tired of living alone. The time has come for him to take a wife. He thought Amy was the one until he met the new beautician. Amy would make a better wife because she was a farmer's daughter, yet his feelings for the new beautician were strong. Will he get a bride?

Randy Spar is a teacher at Rocky Mount Community College. He enjoys Amy's company. Has he possibly found the love of his life?

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