got7 bible. [got7]

got7 bible. [got7]

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HONEYMOON 🍯 By kinkykook Updated Aug 07, 2016

❝ all praise thot7. ❞
[basically a book of lame ass jokes, facts, and wise words from the thot7 gods.]


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@aestheticanayely if I ever say I'm gonna read a bible I mean I'm gonna read this bible
addictuan addictuan Mar 14
i'm sorry but who is bambam? i only know someone name dabdab :)
It’s Markson or never 
                              I ship all the members with each other tho so I’m chill with everything 😂
hoereans hoereans Jun 04
me and bam would be meme enemies / bestfriends b u t  l i k e—
ally_yen ally_yen May 27
Ain't happening to me because I'm as popular as the toilet seat covers at my school
BambiTheHutt BambiTheHutt Dec 03, 2016
Waiting for him to make everyone do the mannequin challenge and Juju on that beat