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You rejected me and now i'm gay

You rejected me and now i'm gay

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Forevverfalling By forevverfalling Completed

Emery Smith was rejected then raped by her mated. She ran away only to find out that she was pregnant with twins. A couple years later while going for a run with her pups she comes across a group of rogues about to attack a girl and saves the girl, Taylor Harris, who is a lesbian and just so happens to be Emery's second mate. What happens when Emery and Taylor have the strongest pack in the world and Emery has to go back to her home town to help her old pack train and fight a huge group of rogues that have been killing off packs from all around. How will her old pack react when the find out that Emery is the alpha of the strongest pack and is gay..... girlxgirl

Cover by: @wolffy812

EverlastingBoner EverlastingBoner Feb 07, 2016
Sorry but im not reading the story, i just came here to say that the story title and the story banner made me crack up. Bwahahaha
Pooper-Dooper Pooper-Dooper Sep 19, 2016
Ok. First, I love fantasy novels BUT I hate vampires and wolf I HATE TWILIGHT. But bc I love the title.. Imma work things out
izzylove1233 izzylove1233 Dec 03, 2015
If you're in middle school like me it doesn't get ANY better trust me well at least it won't get better for me anyways
time_traveler69 time_traveler69 Jul 21, 2015
I call the queen bees at my school queen bees because 1 they think they own everyone and they're above everyone else and 2 because they give off the vibe that they're gonna become sluts in highschool
Ronnielove14 Ronnielove14 Jun 13, 2015
I'm sorry but you need a different title it sounds really offensive at first
RajnaBra RajnaBra Jan 26, 2014
I couldnt help but not to laugh at ur title,i mean all rejecting stories are like '"rejected and better" and than ur like "and now im gay"...