Fates x Reader Scenarios

Fates x Reader Scenarios

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Fandom By FandomCadet Updated Oct 23, 2016

The actual title (the one used is just shortened) should be 'Fire Emblem: Fates x Reader Scenarios'. The reader will be gender neutral, and I'm currently in an editing process to make sure it is. 

This includes the royal siblings of both Hoshido and Nohr. 

Also includes character specific one shots, but only if requested. 

Fire Emblem and it's characters belong to Nintendo, not me. I'm not trying to claim ownership of any of these characters, and that includes you!

(I will be having the characters listed by their English names)

Aisu_Tamashii Aisu_Tamashii Sep 30, 2016
Can you do a Leo X Reader where Leo and Reader are hiding their relationship from everyone?  
                              Sorry for asking too much
painthorse81702 painthorse81702 Sep 30, 2016
Could you do an Xander x reader where the reader finds out she is pregnant but try's to hid it because Xander has been so busy being King he hasn't had time to see her and it makes her uncomfortable to be around him.
sowaifu sowaifu Sep 30, 2016
Male corrin x magical girl reader
                              IM SORRY MADOKA MAGICA OBSSESSION
Juvisita Juvisita Sep 30, 2016
Could you do a Ryoma x Shy Reader where the reader is trying to hide her feelings for Ryoma but he, obviously finds it out? 
                              Thank you❤