kidnapped by my alpha mate

kidnapped by my alpha mate

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5secondsof_happiness By 5secondsof_happiness Updated Jul 24, 2016

Poppy Flynn is a 19 year old ordinary girl. the only difference between her and others is that as soon as she turned 18 her parents hopped on a plane and left without a note. this left her alone because she didn't have any friends, everyone at school bullied her except one girl but poppy doesn't classify her as a friend but more as someone who tries to control poppy.

Poppy's life is pretty much dull and boring but what happens when she is kidnapped and dragged to an unknown place in the woods and told about a fairytale that is supposed to scare kids?

will she stay or will she run?

•Ashton Irwin werewolf fanfic•

× I'm still trying to figure out the storyline ×

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*mentally thanks father for forcing me to read in 24 hour clocks*
What's a whore your nothing more I'm sorry that'll never change
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