The Blind Girl And The Quarterback (Wattys2017)

The Blind Girl And The Quarterback (Wattys2017)

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My name is Ruby. I was born with rare ruby eyes, but I don't know what they look like anymore. I like to believe they're still the same color, but it's hard to when I can't even see. If I asked you the question 'what does the sky look like?' what would you tell me? You would probably say, 'it's blue,' but that's not the answer I want. 

The answer I would want would be, 'I'll get your sight back so that you can see it yourself.' The only problem with that answer is, it's impossible.


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ViennaXo ViennaXo Dec 12, 2017
Is this a real thing, because that’s really fuckking smart!
accessys accessys Jul 04, 2017
no person with a visual impairment or blind uses thier cane in their home they know their own home so well that they don't need that.  of course running joke is how to get even "move the furniture"